La Goccia D’Acqua EN

Hello everyone and welcome to my site!
When I started thinking about the site, I had several ideas, but none particularly excited me.
Then I saw one of my canvas, painted a long time ago where I had signed with a drop of water.
Eureka! At that moment I understood what I wanted. I wanted and still want to be fluid, with myself and with others.
And the laboratories that development must give fluidity to something.
If you are stuck, stiff, anxious, because life has made you a little like that, well … I would say that it is the case of having to flow.

Art, and in this case Artistic Therapy, will give you this possibility … that of flowing, saying all that gods and what you want to say, but in a creative way.
You have to get out of a workshop … free!

That’s why this site is called that. Sometimes even a drop, just to help you.
Here you will find many types of laboratories, specially designed, but if you are a professional who wants to apply the Therapeutics in his work, call me and we will talk about it.
I wait for you